DJ & Music

When it comes to the end of the night, you want everybody to be on the floor dancing. After all, that is the sign of a really good wedding. At A1 Weddings, we have a team of specialist experience wedding DJs.

We feel it is important to use specialist wedding reception DJs for your event because too many other companies use those with little experience, and it really shows. A real wedding DJ knows how to get the crowd going knows what music to play and knows how to party!

Our team of DJs all use the finest equipment available on the market. Plus, they all have a range of music that can be played so you get to choose the genre, and we will pick the best songs. It does not matter if you want pop, soul, bhangra or even garage we have a DJ that specialises in the genre.

Of course, we also offer other solutions for every wedding. Therefore, if you want to talk to us about another form of entertainment then contact us.

Alternatively, you can call us on our free-phone number 0800 193 2056.