To many, photography is the most important aspect of a wedding because it allows you to live your special day whenever you want. At A1 Weddings, we are a market leader when it comes to photography. Our imaginative approach is simply unmatched by our competitors, and this is the main reason why we have been an established company for 18 years.

While we are based in Bradford, we will cover the whole of the UK. We have specialist photographers with years of experience in:

    • Wedding photography
    • Product photography
    • Event photography
    • Commercial photography
    • And many more areas…

In fact, if you have an event where you need a photographer, then we have a specialist in the area. Our company has worked at some of the biggest events and everyday events, and we pay the same attention to detail to every shoot. This ensures photographic consistency to make sure you get the type of results that you would have seen from our samples.

Our photographers all come from a professional background. We only employ photographers who have experience at the very highest level.


At A1 Weddings, we have four top-quality packages. When deciding on the company you want to choose to take your photographs you need to pick one with plenty of experience and proven results. Remember, you only get one chance to get stunning photos of what could be the biggest day of your life.

At A1 Weddings, not only do we have 18 years of experience, but we also only employee the very best wedding/event photographers who have proven their worth time and time again.


Our Basic package is one that offers more quality then many of our competitors, and it is available for a fantastic price.

Our silver package includes full coverage on your special day. This means we arrive from the moment your wedding starts and stay until the moment it finishes. We take thousands of pictures on the day to ensure we get as many photographs of your special day as possible, then, after running through them, you have the option to develop 100 of the photographs.

In this package, you receive:

  • A professional photographer who will be with you throughout your special day
  • An unlimited amount of photos taken
  • 100 photographs for you to collect


Our silver package offers all the fantastic features you will find in our silver package but with one additional bonus, you receive the 100 photographs that you choose in a high-quality picture album so you do not have to worry about finding the right album.


Of course if you have a bit more room in your budget, you could opt for our fantastic gold package.

In this package you receive:

  • A professional photographer who will be with you throughout your special day
  • An unlimited amount of photos taken by our photographer
  • A selected amount of photographs can be edited (colour corrected and airbrushed)
  • 200 photographs in a special storybook of 12×24 inches

This package will ensure that you have quality photographs that will stand the test of time. Therefore, years down the line when you get out your old wedding photographs to remind yourself of your special day you will have the fondest memories because our quality will bring your day to life once again.


At A1 Weddings, we have a level above our gold package, and that is our directors cut offering. This package offers the same terrific features from the gold package but with a few additional benefits:

  • All of the photos we take will be available on a CD
  • The storybook is A3 size

With all the photographs on offer on a CD, you can upload them to your favourite social media site or burn a copy for friends and family. Furthermore, with the larger storybook, you can enjoy your photographs more.